Chinese medicine from Japanese perspectives 

I am going to discuss about Chinese medicine and medicine cooking for several times in this blog.

I am not Chinese and not really know about Chinese medicine. However, when thinking about Japanese food culture, it gave a big impact on Japanese culture.

Chinese medicine was born 4000 years ago, and it was brought in Japan 1500 years ago, thus it gave some influence on Japanese food. In fact, Japanese doctors are still using Chinese medicine as prescript medications. Moreover, they are covered by most of health insurance. 

Stories in this blog may not be original ideas but I would like to discuss Chinese medicine and medicine cooking from Japanese point of views.


Chinese medicine was said to be born 4000 years ago in Xia, and it developed in Han.

Three books, which are Huangdi Neiyun, Shennong Ben Cao Jing and shang han lun, were a base of Chinese medicine. The main idea in the books was enhancing their natural healing power to build healthy body. In other word, it is to build health body to prevent illness.

The more developed Chinese medicine spread along with culture and religion, and has been introduced to Japan along with Buddhism since the dispatch of envoys to Sui in the early 7th century. At first, I was imitating traditional Chinese medicine, but as the location changed, the materials handled and the climate changed, so it gradually changed to Japanese-style medicine.

Effeteness of Chinese medicine

As a mention before, Chinese medicine aims to enhance their own healing power and prevent illness. Moreover, they focus on not only illness but also consider various factors such as gender, age, and seasons to fine the best medicines.

There is a word,上工治未病, this means that best doctors will diagnosis and treat their disease before developing it.  That is, they will notice small abnormalities and prevent it.

The difference between Chinese medicine and medicine cooking 

Chinese medicine includes not only medicine but also “pharmacy” and “health science” such as acupuncture and moxibustion, anma, qigong, and medicinal food.

On the other hand, medicine cooking is based on the theory of Chinese medicine, and the ingredients are selected in the constitution, symptoms, physical condition, season, and the recipe is created.

Medicine cooking sound unnecessary if Chinese medicines can be used. But medicine has strong effects and should not be used in long term because it harms body and may lower their immunity.  While medicine cooking is less strong but it is possible to change taste even use same ingrediencies. Unlike medicines, cooking can be customised for each person.

This time, we discuss about Chinese medicine and cooking, history, features, and  the differences.

English is my second language, so you may find incorrect sentences.

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